The Balcony (A Varanda) 00:53 (Original: 7:00) dvcam, colour, 2007. PT. English subtitles.

A video which gives images to the poem "A Varanda" (in voice-over)
by the Portuguese writer and poet Filipa Leal.

Cast, Text / Poem FILIPA LEAL (voice); Director and Cinematographer DAVID BONNEVILLE; Sound LUÍS CARLOS; Editor DANIEL NOVO
Commissioned and Funded by:
                      PORTO CITY COUNCIL'S THEATRE
                      FOUNDATION for the SCIENCES and DEVELOPMENT


'Quintas de Leitura' poetry gala dedicated to Filipa Leal's "The Liquified City" - Porto City Council Theatre Campo Alegre, Porto
27th September 2007

Video installation at Japan Pecha Kucha Night PKNP - Tale Home Guest House


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